NonEconomist with 2 degrees in Economics

Having been invited to write for this site, I have to immediately declare a conflict, in that I have two degrees in economics.

Mind you, during my masters I left like I was doing a maths degree.  That’s the thing, from A-level (UK exam taken at 18), to bachelors to masters degree, the core of economics (macro/micro) does not change, you just go from drawing pictures, do doing equations, to solving multiple dynamic equilibrium models. Maths never came easy to me, so I had to work hard at it.

Has it helped me? Yes, especially in the past 10 years.  Mid-2000s, most people thought economics did not matter, would not pay for macro research. Everything was fine, tyvm.  The global financial crisis, that most economics failed to predict, has changed that.  Nearly 10 years on, we are still in a state of dis-equilibria, unless you believe that near-zero interest rates are now the new normal.

The upside is that the past few years I’ve moved away from having economics as the core of my professional role, so I hope I can bring a more dispassionate perspective on the subject at the world. That said, it did give me a good spring-board into other things, especially an ability to look at things from a critical perspective and without ever believing what I read or just the headlines. Over the past year, that’s proven pretty useful and is a skill that many others should look at, even global leaders…