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Euro area

  • A strange time to worry about the euro (4/5/2017) - An interesting survey from Central Banking shows central bank reserve managers have apparently lost faith in the euro, with the stability of the Eurozone supposedly this year’s greatest fear.
  • UK election – GBP surge may last a while but… (4/19/2017) - Adrian Schmidt So May calls and election, saying she’s fed up with having opposition from the – er – opposition, and also from the Lords. Someone should tell her an election isn’t going to have much impact on the unelected House of Lords, but it’s true it may have the desired effect on the House…
  • What will it take for the CHF to weaken? (3/3/2017) - Despite the strength of equities and good Eurozone data recently, EUR/CHF continues to test the lows,




  • GBP isn’t cheap (3/10/2017) - Some commentators suggest that GBP might be attractive because it is very cheap. But I would argue that although the pound is obviously cheaper than it was, it still isn’t really cheap against most of the other major currencies.