The Chartist will be doing, data dives, infographics and general charts on markets and economics that will go beyond the headlines.

Hindsight as they say, is always 20/20. However, sometimes looking backward can illuminate a forward momentum. Put money on that momentum if you are really sure of the outcome or can afford to be wrong.

Here is where we dive into the data beyond the headlines.

  • US Russia investigation – Timeline (6/19/2017) - Running the timeline of the US Russia investigations
  • Every vote counts – the changing face of UK politics (6/9/2017) - Too often you hear people choosing to abstain from voting because they are just one voice among the many and it doesn’t really matter. One real takeaway from the UK Election of 2017 is Fife North in Scotland. The Scottish Nationalist Party held onto their seat by two votes!
  • Protecting the nation or jumping the gun? (3/14/2017) - UPDATE Trump’s new travel ban blocked by Judges again Obviously still not a well thought out effort. What the text seems to offer is not a process of thinking about protecting the nation but excusing the original document.   7 days, 7 countries, 78 “under-reported” attacks Seven days into the Trump administration, Donald J Trump signed…
  • Doing business in the UK (2/22/2017) - The changing face of business in the UK. Big business is still big but small business is becoming the new norm
  • BOE rate decisions by member (2/1/2017) - Breaking down the data by voting members. They seem to stick together although a couple have broken out.
  • Trump’s fight with trade (1/31/2017) - Further trade agreements could be at risk. Trump has already pulled out of the TPP* wants to change Nafta and has gone after car makers in Germany. Spectres of the Japan trade war are rearing their heads. The UK seems desperate to garner a trade deal with the US, but with current events  vitriolic, this leaves many wondering what…
  • The ageing population and economics (1/17/2017) - Above is where the idea that the old ideas need rethinking. Global population has risen 197 per cent since 1950. With the rise of the baby boomers, economic ideas need to be rethought in the context of 7 billion people. The global median age is now estimated at 30, this has risen from 23 in 1950. Pew…