G20 Summit July 2017

Twenty of the biggest economic powers are gathering in Hamburg July 7-8, 2017 for a two-day summit. The summit is to discuss policy issues on international financial stability, climate and global trade. Donald Trump has taken aim at global trade deals, which potentially affect relationships and the effectiveness of the meeting. Trump has said the … Continue reading G20 Summit July 2017

Every vote counts – the changing face of UK politics

Too often you hear people choosing to abstain from voting because they are just one voice among the many and it doesn't really matter. One real takeaway from the UK Election of 2017 is Fife North in Scotland. The Scottish Nationalist Party held onto their seat by two votes!

UK election – GBP surge may last a while but…

Adrian Schmidt So May calls and election, saying she’s fed up with having opposition from the – er – opposition, and also from the Lords. Someone should tell her an election isn’t going to have much impact on the unelected House of Lords, but it’s true it may have the desired effect on the House … Continue reading UK election – GBP surge may last a while but…

Why silver will never be the new gold

The question of whether silver will become the new gold is seized on by silver bugs as a justification for prices returning to the recent peaks around $50. Looking at prices charts the two metals seem to react similarly in times of crisis. And the answer is a straightforward and wholehearted, no. While the chemical symbols … Continue reading Why silver will never be the new gold

Protecting the nation or jumping the gun?

UPDATE Trump's new travel ban blocked by Judges again Obviously still not a well thought out effort. What the text seems to offer is not a process of thinking about protecting the nation but excusing the original document.   7 days, 7 countries, 78 "under-reported" attacks Seven days into the Trump administration, Donald J Trump signed … Continue reading Protecting the nation or jumping the gun?